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Central African Republic


The MSF Academy started implementing the Basic Clinical Nursing Care (BCNC) programme in the Central African Republic in 2019 with staff from four different hospitals, and progressively enrolled more staff and more project sites. It was the first country where the Academy rolled out the BCNC programme.

Some projects ended due to implementation challenges, operational reorganisations, insecurity in the country and difficulties faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The BCNC programme has been implemented in four sites in the Central African Republic: in Bambari, Bossangoa, Bangassou and Bangui.

At a patient’s bedside, a learning companion and a learner are reviewing a nursing practice, Central African Republic, 2020. ©Zaza Bamboy
Learners watching a learning video on a tablet, Central African Republic, 2020. ©Zaza Bamboy

In Bangui, the MSF Academy is now active in two of the CHUC wards: the Neonate ward with over 45 learners and the Internal Medicine ward with over 75 learners.  

In Bambari, Bossangoa and Bangassou 69 participants finished the programme in 2023A new group of learners will start the BCNC in Bangassou in November 2023. Other projects are being discussed for a start in 2024.