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MSF has been supporting the paediatric Hospital of Koutiala in Mali for years, and decision was taken to dispense the Basic Clinical Nursing Care programme to the hospital’s nursing staff. The initial assessment activities started in Koutiala in October 2021. The knowledge and technical competencies of the participants were evaluated in order to establish a baseline to measure the learning outcomes of the programme once finished. The results confirmed the need for our training and gave us a clear picture of the areas to develop.

The learning activities started in Koutiala in March 2022. In May 2023, activities started as well in Niono, with staff from the Paediatrics, Neonatology and Maternity services.

A future learner being observed treating a fake wound as part of the baseline Competency Gap Assessment, Mali, 2021. ©MSF

The MSF Academy is currently present in the two project sites: in Koutiala with around 90 participants (most of them nurses but also nursing assistants and nursing supervisors), and in Niono with over 60. In Niono, new learners will join the BCNC programme soon: the surgery nursing staff.

The clinical mentors in Mali have received trainings in clinical mentoring and facilitation, and over 20 participants have been trained on clinical mentoring, as well, in order to prepare for their role as learning companions.