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The MSF Academy for Healthcare focuses on strengthening the skills and competencies of healthcare workers in MSF projects, with the will to have a long-term impact on the quality of care in the countries where MSF intervenes. It does this by developing and providing specific work-based learning programmes to medical and paramedical workers in the targeted health structures. 

The rationale

The countries where MSF operates are affected by conflict and humanitarian crises. As a result, they also suffer from severe shortages of qualified health professionals. With the MSF Academy for Healthcare, MSF aims to contribute to long-lasting improvements to the quality of care available in the most hard-hit countries, and to progressively diminish the footprint of international presence.

Our approach

The main novelty brought through the MSF Academy for Healthcare is to have created comprehensive programmes to accompany the development of nursing, midwifery and clinical health workers, as well as coordinators of medical strategies, while on the job. The Academy develops and implements competency-based curriculums that are tailor-made to MSF’s needs, using a learning cycle based on theoretical knowledge and workplace practice, accompanied by clinical mentoring and tutoring.

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The MSF Academy for Healthcare is currently implementing five learning initiatives: two in-person programmes implemented in various MSF projects in the field, and three hybrid or online learning programmes with participants based in over 40 countries.